World War 2 Documentary

World War 2 Documentary

Word War 2 Documentary

World War 2 Documentary

Different movies have been created regarding the World War 2. Some are factual while others are fantasies. However, the true essence of a World War 2 Documentary is to tell the truth about the events from footage of the past. This is not a simple task to complete. Years have to be spent preparing the required footages from all over the world. Editing has also to be done and to crown it off; stories have to be collected from survivors of the war and diaries to give a comprehensive narrative.

The best world war 2 documentary is ‘The World at War.’ This documentary was originally a 26-episode British television documentary series on World War II and the events immediately before and after it. The series, which made use of rare colour film footage, was commissioned by Thames Television during 1969. Such was the extent of its research, it took four years to produce at a cost of $1.4 million (2009 equivalent: $17.7 million). At the time, this was a record for a British television series. It was first shown during 1973, on ITV.

The series interviewed major members of the Allied and Axis campaigns, including eyewitness accounts by civilians, enlisted men, officers and politicians.

It has a running time of twenty two and a half hours. Producer, Jeremy Isaacs asked Noble Frankland, then director of the Imperial War Museum, to list fifteen main campaigns of the war and devoted one episode to each. The remaining eleven episodes are devoted to other matters, such as home life in Britain and Germany, the experience of occupation in the Netherlands, and the Nazis’ use of genocide.

The documentary produced by Time Life, is truly something amazing and an absolute must see for anyone interested in history or the war. It can be found, and purchased here:

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