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Killing of Polish officers 1940

Scene from the BBC docu “Behind closed doors”. This is a forgotten piece of history. Hilter and Stalin both attacked Poland in the beginning of WW2. In the proces Stalin gave the order to murder 20.000 Polish officers. These man where a security problem for Stalin. These historical facts where mostly ignored bij the Americans and British because of their political aims. So in fact they worked with one brutal dictator to fight an other one. Stalin even became Time “man of the year” during WW2. Considering he was responsible for the death of millions of people this seems very cynical…
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THE PACIFIC The Warriors That HBO Forgot

HBO’s “The Pacific” Leaves Out The History Of Black Soldiers in the Pacific during WW II It took me less than 5 minutes to find these photographs and accompanying information online. So why are blacks almost (if not completely) absent from HBO’s 10-part series? The HBO Series, “The Pacific” was produced by Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks. HBO is a billion-dollar corporation, Tom Hanks is a multi-millionaire and Steven Spielberg is a virtual billionaire– Are we to believe they could not afford a professional group of researchers and that they didn’t know about the role that American blacks played in the Pacific during World War II? This was a deliberate omission. Such omissions distort the facts and add to the often bigoted misconception of the role of blacks in American history. We need to know why Hollywood and HBO believes you can only tell a story about heroic men during World War II if the cast is kept almost exclusively white. Spielberg and Hanks need to explained why they deliberately decided to relegate blacks to minor or NO roles in a 10-part HBO series about war in The Pacific. THIS SLIDE SHOW IS DEDICATED TO THE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED AND DIED IN THE PACIFIC DURING WORLD WAR II. ——————————- BLACKS WERE DELIBERATELY LEFT OUT OF “THE PACIFIC” Noted novelist and screen writer, George Pelecanos, worked on “The Pacific” early during its production. His comments were recounted in a story written by Carlo Rotella and published in the
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(2/10) Battlefield II The Battle of the Crimea Ep8 World War II

Videos Running Time 01:41:00 in 10 Parts Battlefield II: The Battle of the Crimea” This episode of “Battlefield” chronicles the German Armys campaign in the Crimea. The campaign was conducted by the German 11th Army (XI), despite the incorrect map references to the 6th Army (VI). The Crimea was a thorn in the belly of Army Group Souths advance on Rostov. Hitler also believed the Crimea could act as an alternative invasion route into the Caucasus. The task of conquering the Crimea would fall on Gen. Erich von Manstein. Mansteins 11th Army would consist of 4 Corps. Thirty, 49th Mountain, 54th, and the 3rd Romanian Corps were all assigned to the 11th Army. The Soviet Union would assemble a force of 235000 men in various units. The Battle of the Crimea officially began on September 24th, 1941. Gen. Mansteins first objective was to break resistance and breakthrough the Isthmus of Perekop. This invasion route was an obvious choice, and a necessary entrance into the Crimea. Manstein had no choice but to fight a battle of attrition in this area. Manstein achieved a breakthrough on October 28th, 1941. The defenses of Sevastopol were extensive and well planned out. Three belts of defenses defended the approaches to the city. Manstein chose to center his offensive in the south. The Soviet defensive belt network was weaker in the south. However, the terrain was terrible. The offensive failed. As Manstein was closing on Sevastopol, the Soviets launched attacks across the Kerch
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Japan Battleships prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor Part 2

Japan had 12 battleships prior to the start of World War II. With only one other started. The Battleship Shinano (Yamato Class) 72000 tons. After the start of the war, Japan saw the need for more aircraft carriers and the Shinano was converted to a aircraft carrier. She was the largest carrier until the launch of the USS Forrestal CV-59 that was launched in Dec. 1954. Japan would not build or launch another battleship after the Yamato in Sept. 1941. On the morning of Dec. 7th, 1941, Japan had the most powerful fleet. They had 2 of the largest battleships in the world – The Yamato & Musashi. Most people are mistaken in thinking the allies knew the true size of the Yamato and caliber of her main guns. This was not known until near the end and even after the war. When documents were discovered giving the true actual design facts on the Yamato class battleship. Oddly enough with Japan’s successful aircraft carrier attack on Pearl Harbor, they made the Yamato & Musashi obsolete! Neither battleship ever went in battleship on battleship type combat. The Yamato and Musashi mainly provided escort and bombardment during the war, right up until both were sunk by US carrier based aircraft. The only real ship to ship combat that either ship had action in was the Battle off Samar. When both the Yamato & Musashi were sunk, the loss of life was great. An estimated 2498 of the 2700 crew members on Yamato were lost, including Vice-Admiral Seiichi Itō, the fleet commander. The Musashi crew

Churchill’s secret weapon. Nazi Germany’s greatest foe. Ian Fleming’s inspiration. Discover how a hardware salesman from Canada changed the fate of nations and helped win World War Two. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “In war, the truth is so valuable that it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies.” At the outset of WWII, in the face of Nazi aggression and American apathy, the British PM required facts and fiction to achieve his goal of defending Great Britain. Churchill trusted one man above all others to generate both. That man was Sir William Stephenson, The True Intrepid. Stephenson changed the course of the Twentieth Century, yet even after his death he remains firmly in the shadows. From his early family life in Winnipeg to heroic deeds on the front lines of World War One, to his pivotal role during the cold war, Stephenson blazed a trail so unique that history is divided on how he should be remembered. Previous accounts of his life have been rife with factual errors, no accident when you consider Stephenson himself once said, “Nothing deceives like a document.” Now, for the first time ever, comes an accurate account of his work outside the established intelligence community where, under the guise of British Passport Control, his agents perfected coding, forgery, counter-espionage and propaganda, all with the intent of defeating Hitler’s military juggernaut. In this hour-long documentary, the life of a master spy is examined more closely than ever before
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Tribute to the unlucky tank crews of world war two.

a slide show of knocked out tanks from the second world war. Some pictures show the tank crew dead. Some images may be disturbing but real.
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i made this freshman year. feel free to use it. these are all true facts

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London Blitz 1940. Memories. At Video Assassin, we teach you how to make vids like this and money, at the same time!!! At 4 on 7 September 1940, the air raid sirens wailed as the German Air Force, the Luftwaffe, launched a massive raid on London. Over 350 bombers flew across the Channel from airfields in France and dropped 300 tons of bombs on the docks and streets of the East End of London. This first raid against London on 7 – 8 September 1940, continued on all but 10 nights until 12 November. there were 47 consecutive nights of bombing, without letup. The bombs destroyed many buildings burying mother, fathers and children in the rubble. It has been estimated that about 46000 civilians were killed, many more injured, and more than a million homes destroyed and damaged in the Blitz, together with an immense amount of damage caused to industrial installations
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WW2 Evacuees With Rambo

The childhood of Rambo. A child evacuee during WW2 grows into a strong man….by drinking all his milk. Wacky but nice.
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ABOUT: Hermann Goering Nazi leader

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Facts You Might Not Know About Adolph Hitler

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Try and Keep Up: p4 Nazis and UFO’s 2 of 10

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION Originally posted by: alternatrealities7 === Conventional History mentions astrology as the occult beliefs of the Nazis, in truth the entire Nazi organization was occult based. Find out the specific details that led the Nazis to discover things completely outside of the box. A hollow Earth, Nazi UFOs, cloning and the possible breaching of space and time, The Nazis were pioneers into realms unthought of, which their occult beliefs produced. Stranger yet is the fact that this was all predicted in the Bible! Nazis believed their Nordic Gods came from outer space. They believed their pure blood relatives lived in a Hollow Earth. In 1938, they went on a occult based search for them and found something. Information taken from Beyond Science Fiction shows not only the unknown historical account of this expedition but also, these events were prophetic end time fulfillment with a bigger picture leading to the NWO. Learn how the Nazi SS scientists deciphered ancient myths and mysteries into technology that produced UFOs. If the Nazis had such technology Why didn’t they win the war. The answer to this and many more questions about Nazi UFOs and sightings in general are answered here. Yes there is a logic for such beliefs The biggest battle in all of History was WWII. The most damage and loss of lives, do you really think it is not mentioned in the Bible. WWII is one of the most important prophetic pieces of the puzzle

This is a WWII RCAF pilot’s (Ivan Mouat) account of a German soldier walking in front of a low flying Spitfire and getting his head lopped off by the wing. Notice how he refers to the German’s brains on the wing of the Spitfire as “grey mince”! tags: Ivan Mouat scoop british RAF RCAF german hurricane submarine spitfire WWII world death war ii battle of britain airplane low flying faces bf109 dogfight airshow england mission canadian pilot english channel royal air force airforce d-day headhunter decapitate decapitation hawker

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