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Millennia Shift – Part Two – Timeline

Other than the analogy of the tidal waves mentioned in Part I, we can also use the analogies of a tug-o-war, a teeter-totter, and a pendulum with opposing energies tugging back and forth for dominance in the case of the tug-o-war; contrasting up and down motion, as in the case of the teeter-totter, or movement back and forth from one extreme to the other, as in the example of a pendulum.

A rotating world moving from day to night is also an excellent metaphor. Regardless of the analogy, the shifting of opposing forces is creating confliction, confusion, and intense levels of energy manifested in all aspects of life: physically, emotionally, sexually, financially, psychologically, domestically.

In the following chart, consider for a moment the havoc and ramifications generated with a total shift from those qualities in the One (1) column on the left to those in the Two (2) column on the right. It reflects a complete bouleversement, a total reversal of attributes, conditions, characteristics and energies.

To clarify, think of living in a house of all males for a thousand years – and all that male energy is and represents – and then suddenly finding yourself living in a house of all females and all that female energy is and represents. We can also think of living on a desert governed by dryness for a thousand years and then being instantly uprooted and thrown into a rain forest saturated with water and moisture, or moving from a thousand years of daylight to a thousand years of night.

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 World War 2 Timeline

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