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Dare & Live, An Untold World War Ii Story Of Guerrilla Resistance Against The Japanese Army In Negros Islands, Philippines

M/Sgt Jorge G. Herrera, Jr. discovered just what kind of a soldier he was when the Imperial Japanese Forces invaded Negros Islands in the Philippines during World War II. His heroic tale can now be told in the exciting new book, “Dare & Live.”

The superior Imperial Japanese Forces overrun the spirited defenses that the combined United States and Philippine Commonwealth Government Armies put up in the battles for Bataan and the Island fortress of Corrigedor. The US-Philippines defenses crumbled against the onslaught of superiority of numbers of the Japanese soldiers, the naval and aerial bombardments. The valiant defenders had only one option: surrender. The Japanese Forces went on mopping operations on the more than 1,700 islands and islets of the Philippine Archiepelago. The Island defenders under orders of the Military High Command in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, gave up resistance.

In Negros Islands of central Philippines, M/Sgt Jorge G. Herrera vowed he would never surrender to the Japanese Army; so he gathered 3 Filipinos and they started the recruiment and training of other Guerrilla Soldiers. The Japanese Army cordoned Bacolod City, the capital of Negros islands where the US and Filipino surrenderees were imprisoned. The Japanese soldiers guarded every entrances and exits of the City, still M/Sgt Herrera escaped from the heavily-guarded City under the very noses of the Japanese Army sentinels.

It is worth reading the whole story of Dare & Live and obtain the backgrounds that equipped M/Sgt Herrera in his decision of fighting the whole Japanese Army that occupied Negros Islands for three long years of World War II.

It is a wonder how M/Sgt Herrera secured arms and ammunitions when the Japanese Army divested all US and Filipino Soldiers upon their surrender, suspected as non-surrenderees and killed anyone caught in possession of weapons. Herrera went on to recruit and train over a hundred soldiers and armed most of them. He established a Bivouac at the mountain sides of Negros Islands and equipped his hideout with telephone communication for fast intelligence. He staged many ambushes against the Japanese soldiers and was an only Filipino Guerrilla Leader who captured, alive, 21 Japanese soldiers in one ambush encounter. To try to capture him, the Japanese army even hired a Filipina Spy and sent her on a secret mission to entrap M/Sgt Herrera. Read how Herrera discovered the plot of the Japanese Army against him, before it could unfold.

How the Filipino Guerrilla Fighters fought the Japanese soldiers in Negros Islands during the three long years of World War II, was akin to how the Terrorist mounted resistance against the United States Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is of immense importance that a Superior Military Power should take cognizance of what the enemies on the opposite side of the war zone could utilize to mount stiff opposition and inflict maximum destruction.

Dare & Live is a profile in courage, ingenuity, and innovation worthy of study and emulation times of personal crisis.

The lessons of World War II was true 50 years ago; they still ring true today!


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Born in Negros Islands, Philippines, now Resident of New Jersey, USA, he is the Author of Dare & Live,the tale of an incredible World War II Survivor who created a Guerrilla Army to battle the Japnese in Negros Islands, Philippines, after the battles for Bataan and Corrigedor were lost.

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german army ww2 – footage

slideshow music:nazi national anthem leave comment if you want
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US Army Prepares for Invasion of Europe – 1943 – Movie

Volcanoes erupt in Mexico as the US Army practices beach assaults elsewhere. Mounted Coast Guardsmen–a subject in the National Archives Fall 2009 issue of Prologue Magazine–also patrol the coasts with an eye for trouble. All this and more in this vintage World War II footage from the National Archives YouTube channel: Transcript (PDF): CREATED BYOffice for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch. New York Office. News and Features Bureau. (12/17/1942 – 09/15/1945) SUMMARY Part 1, US troops storm a beach in a practice landing assault. Part 2, Anthony Eden and Lord Halifax converse with Sec. of State Hull. Part 3, a steel life raft is tested and demonstrated by merchant seamen. Part 4, snowplows clear roads and railroads in eastern Canada. Part 5, Army men attempt to unload mules from boxcars. Part 6, destroyer escorts and tankers are constructed and launched. Part 7, mounted Coast Guardsmen patrol beaches. Part 8, lend-lease tanks are used in maneuvers in Australia. Part 9, a volcano erupts in Mexico and buries a town. REPOSITORY: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Records Section, Special Media Archives Services Division (NWCS-M), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD, 20740-6001. For information about ordering reproductions of moving images held by the Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Records Section, visit: SUBJECTS Amphibious operations Animals Lend-lease
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German army advancing – Movie

German army advancing. World War II footage from
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US Army Air Corps Recruiting Film World War II Attention Young Men

Courtesy FedFlix, National Archives and Records Administration RECRUITING TRAILERS NOS. 1-5, ATTENTION YOUNG MEN Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 – ) ARC Identifier 65607 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-18416. Summary: RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 1. US ARMY AIR CORPS SEAL. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. Reel 1, 133′ (starts at 11′): MS EXT SV three AT-6s taking off to the right–camera is situated in photo plane following alongside the three aircraft. (43′) ACU 3/4 FV low angle of two AT-6s in flight to the right. (54′) AMS high angle SV of three AT-6s, in “V” formation–cumulus clouds in bg. The aircraft start a wingover away from camera. (74′) AMS of an AT-6 performing a barrel roll above clouds–as the aircraft flies out frame left, a second AT-6 enters, performs the same maneuver, flies out, and is followed by a third which repeats maneuver. (102′) AMS RV six AT-6s in echelon formation flying away from camera. Repeat same scene description–camera is below the aircraft. (112′) AMS of formation flight of AT-6s. (117′) MS formation flight of AT-6s flying low over the ground–aircraft fly over camera. Reel 2, 106′ (starts at 10′): RECRUITING TRAILER NO. 2. US Army Air Corps Seal. ATTENTION YOUNG MEN. Sequence of shots of a flight of cadets marching on flight line–rows of AT-6 s are parked at right on the flight line. (30′) CU INT RV of instructor and student seated side by side in cockpit of aircraft. (34′) CU INT 3/4 FV of a navigator

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WWII US Army Air Core and Tank Divisions Tribute – footage

this is a tribute to the US Army Air Core and Tank divisoins during WWII All of the pictures are from check it out some time please coment rate and subscribe watch my other WWII videos
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