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Japanese Internment Camps During WWII – Movie

A collection of audio and visual clips during WWII and the Japanese Internment Camps. I made this just for fun for one of my classes. These clips range from random video clips, propaganda, and old documentaries of the time during the Japanese Internment Camps. A good collection could be found at Note: These films do not show the entire picture of Japanese Internment Camps, nor does it capture the despair and turmoil of the Japanese people. Since some of these clips were taken from propaganda films, notice the word choice from narrator and even music. Also note that some films were mixed with other narrator voices that better described the situation.
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DISCLAIMER: This is a rant/vent, so please don’t take extreme offense to it. So, everyone with eating disorders has gotten a comment or remarks that have driven them completely up the wall. This is a video response to the video done by Holding0n. View her video at: !
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