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D-Day, June 6th 1944 – footage

This is a documentary I made about D-Day for my 8th grade school project. It goes through the planning, execution, and impact of that monumental day. In relation to the “largest invasion force question” I based the fact off of this military website:
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From D-day to the Dam (Canadian ‘home’ video’s) part 2 – Movie

Visit: for more World War II movies and music. “There is a long long trail a-winding into the lands of my dreams” Part 2. These movies were made by Canadian troops at or nearby the frontline. This part shows the liberation of the Netherlands in 1944 and 1945 viewed through Canadian eyes. + 1/2 of the movie is with English narration 1/4 in Dutch and 1/4 in French. It all got Dutch subtitles. Sorry for the pretty bad video quality, I don’t know why Part 1 looks alot better then this one. But this will be no problem in the downloable version. Download will be added when I have the time to upload it.
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Kermit and Lily Tomlin star in a tribute to World War II movies. From the 1981 TV special “The Muppets Go to the Movies.”
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World War II in HD: D-Day

Five-Night Event Premieres November 15 at 9/8c — Over 130000 troops stormed the beaches on D-Day, over one million would soon follow.
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The Americans on D-Day Film To Debut in Europe

St. Mere Eglise, Normandy, France — The stars of the world’s largest production – a film on the invasion of Normandy, “The Americans on D-Day,” premieres in the French language Thursday, May 07, 2007. Several hundred local officials, visiting military Dignitaries and stars of the film are expected to attend. “We decided to show it in St. Mere Eglise, Normandy, because it was the first town to be liberated,” explained Richard D. Lanni, film director, WW2 Reflections, Dublin, Ireland. Last month about 75 people saw the film in Hollywood at the American Legion Post #43. “It was well done, and the reproduction of the Normandy scenes were pretty darn powerful, and the overlays of graphics were very good,” said Adj. Finance Officer Terry Duddy, American Legion Hollywood Post 43. “It was well received by our members attending here.” Film Director Richard D. Lanni, who appeared on the Joey Reynolds Show, WOR AM, New York, said, “It was an honor to be in America to salute U.S. soldiers on this 65th anniversary and to show our film that captures an accurate and powerful illustration of D-Day.” “When we flew over the English Channel, there were a million ships in the water, and I have yet to meet any of those guys who were on those ships,” said 85-year old retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Morton Schecter, Northridge, CA, who flew as a United States Army Air Corps tail gunner in a B-24 Liberator warplane, the most produced U.S. military aircraft during World War II. He was assigned to the 467th Bomb Crew and 791st Bomb Squadron in England. “I’m lucky to still be here, because and the second day we had to abort our mission, and ended up crash landing in a field with six 1,000 pound bombs onboard,” he said. Schecter said he had an angel on his shoulder that day, and still has his list of the missions he flew. Schecter, who flew 35 missions out of England, is amongst the American Veteran heroes who attended the premiere. Schecter attended the Hollywood premiere with his Son Glen and 9-year-old Grandson Ben. Ben led the pledge of allegiance at the event. Also attending from Europe and the UK were battle film star Ellwood von Seibold, who has spent the last five years giving tours in Normandy. “D-Day became a focus point of my interest in life, and I decided to live a dream and move to France and take people all around these areas,” explained Seibold. Seibold will be attending the event in France. “The Americans On D-Day provides an exciting insight into one of the most pivotal events of the 20th century,” said Captain Dye, who was a drilled sergeant in Vietnam and told the crowd “I don’t need a microphone. I’m really proud to have a hand in this effort and film that provides a foxhole-level view of what happened in Normandy on June 6, 1944.” Other veterans attending the event were Earl Norwood and Howard Manoian. Manoian will be honored by the French Government in Normandy on June 6, 2009. “I’ve seen a lot of tour videos that purport to give viewers an insight into what gallant Americans endured and accomplished on D-Day, but this one really hits the mark. The Americans On D-Day provides a stirring, GI-level look at one of the most momentous battles of World War II,” explained Dye. After the viewing the film in America, several veterans including surviving Normandy vets were speechless and had tears in their eyes after seeing the film. “I lost a lot of friends and would rather not talk about it,” said one WW II Vet of the 81st Airborne, as he exited the building. “2,000 D-Day Soldiers are dying at an alarming rate each month,” Producer Lanni told WOR AM News Talk Radio Host Joey Reynolds during his interview. Lanni shared his observations of his tour of duty, which included new veteran interviews, museum visits and reactions from veterans from New Orleans to Los Angeles wrapping up his one month-long media and fact-finding tour in America. The Hollywood premiere also featured reenactment of WW II soldiers and paratroopers from the National Historical Society and Gina Elise, the Pin-Up For Vets nonprofit Calendar Girl. Elise, nicknamed “The Betty Grable of a new generation” and “The Calendar Angel” sold her T-Shirts and Calendars at American Legion Hall to raise funds. Elise, who has donated ,000 to aid veteran hospital patients, has received numerous community awards for her volunteer work. “I want to raise ,000 for veterans this year,” said Elise, who has made countless personal visits to ill and injured veterans in hospitals and facilities across the country. She was featured on Fox News last January. It is WW2-Reflections’ first tour film for its parent company, Labyrinth Media & Publishing Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland. Labyrinth specializes in WW II battlefield tour DVDS for the U.S. Market. The film is now available on DVD at the official website: [Editor’s note: To obtain a media copy of The Americans on D-Day or for media interviews contact Aida Mayo or George Mc Quade, call 818-340-5300, or email: or visit: Lanni will be available for live interviews on June 6, 2009 from Normandy during the celebrations.

George McQuade, Executive Vice President of MAYO Communicatons, is a national award-winning entertainment, government, corporate communications and multimedia expert. He is the past president of Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS), NY/LA and is currently the West Coast Bureau Chief for

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D-Day German footage (Jun 1944) – Video

WW2 footage

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D-Day To Germany Rare Color Movies of Normandy Invasion WWII – Movie

In 1944 Jack H. Lieb, was one of several journalists who followed the Allied advance across Europe after the Normandy invasion. Working for the newsreel News of the Day, he also shot silent COLOR footage of the Landing on Utah Beach and the Liberation of Paris with his own 16mm hand held camera. He was also my Grandfather! By this time in his career his work as a Newsreel Cameraman already included Charles Lindbergh’s daring flight to Paris in 1927, the Revolution in Nicaragua, the Great Ohio and Mississippi floods of 1937 plus two and a half years covering South, East and Central Africa in the early 1930′s. Take a journey with Jack Lieb from London, across the English Channel to the beaches of Normandy then onwards into Paris on the day of Liberation. Mr. Lieb’s commentary in his own voice and these rare color films (which are now both contained in National Archives holdings), create a unique, personal recollection of that momentous time. Included is additional rare footage of the pre-invasion gathering of troops and preparations; plus personalities such as Ernie Pyle, Edward G. Robinson, Ernest Hemingway and (then General) Dwight D. Eisenhower, as well as the massive celebrations after the liberation of Paris leading towards the end of World War II! 46 Minutes. Color & Black & White. NOT RATED/WILL PLAY ALL REGIONS. Visit for more information. Transportation Hobby Collectibles Online. © 2009 Robert Neal Marshall. All Rights Reserved.
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World War 2 Footage – D-Day, Bombers, Tanks, Beach Landing – Video

This is some WWII footage, together with some of my favorite Classical Music Pieces, The Ride of the Valkyries – By Richard Wagner and Time has come today – by The Chamber Brothers, In this video is D-Day footage, From the History Channel. Also there is Some Flame Thrower Tank Action, from the Romano Archives. There is Some tank Conflict of a Sherman Vs Panzer, supplied by the History Channel and lastly there is a small clipping of Germans Dive bombing, very small but a good Start to the video. Please visit :

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Get The World at War Here