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Holocaust is the term that explains murder history of the six million Jews in Europe during World War II which was planned by the national socialist party in Germany. Facts about the Holocaust are available in most graphic history books. In fact, rather a few museums with exhibits about this crime against humanity exist, too. Get fact detailed about Holocaust from also Virtual Library contains articles, original documents, a holocaust glossary, bibliography and online. The holocaust was running from 1933 to 1945. When Hitler came to power in Germany that time it began and ended when the Nazis were beaten by the Allied powers. When Second World War was started, that time number of Jews that lived in the 21 countries. By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed. 1.5 million Children were murdered. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of handicapped children.

Facts about Holocaust

Six millions Jew people were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

The term “Holocaust,” originally from the Greek word “holokauston” which means “sacrifice by fire,” refers to the Nazi’s persecution and planned slaughter of the Jewish people. The Hebrew word “Shoah,” which means “devastation, ruin, or waste,” is also used for this genocide.

There were 39 camps in total

The most deaths occurred at Treblinka, Warsaw and Sobibor in Poland, Mauthausen-Gusen in Austria, Auschwitz in Poland and Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau in Germany

Between December 1941 and the end of 1944, more than four million people, mainly Jews, were murdered in the six camps of Chelmno, Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzac, Majdanek and Auschwitz

More than 9,000 people were killed each day at the height of exterminations at Auschwitz

An estimated 1.1 million to 1.5 million people, mostly Jews, were murdered at Auschwitz

The mass murder, which wiped out two-thirds of all European Jews, was called the ‘Final Solution’ by the Nazis

In addition to Jews, the Nazis targeted Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the disabled for persecution. Anyone who resisted the Nazis was sent to forced labor or murdered.

The term “Nazi” is an acronym for “Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” (“National Socialist German Worker’s Party”).

The Nazis used the term “the Final Solution” to refer to their plan to murder the Jewish people.

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The Causes Of The Old Holocaust Are Building Up For A New One

Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds

While some writers say that the Holocaust was not only a propaganda, it is also a historical lie. Because those who died in the WW2 are Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million. The sources cited on this page document an estimated death toll in World War II of 62 to 78 million, making it the deadliest war ever. When scholarly sources differ on the number of deaths in a country, a range of war losses is given, in order to inform readers that the death toll is uncertain. Civilians killed totaled from 40 to 52 million, including 13 to 20 million from war-related disease and famine. Total military dead: from 22 to 25 million, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million prisoners of war. So the six million figure for Jews was an exaggeration of estimate compared with all died in the war which was three or four folds of the Jews. No matter was the number of Jews executed by Hitler and Germany, we deal here with the causes of what they call “the Holocaust.” In recent publications, one of the causes of the holocaust was that Adolf Hitler’s hatred of Jews may stem from his errant belief that his mother was poisoned to death by a Jewish doctor, the author of a new book about the Nazi dictator claims. In “November 9: How World War One Led To The Holocaust,” author Joachim Riecker writes that the death of his mother, Klara, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, left an indelible mark on the then-18-year-old Adolf. The autor continues by saying, “Klara’s doctor, Eduard Bloch, had administered iodoform, which was the standard treatment for breast cancer at the time. She would die from the treatment in 1907, when she was just 47 years old.” And “Hitler never forgave the Jewish doctor,” Riecker told the British newspaper The Telegraph. “In conversations with aides such as Josef Goebbels he referred to the Jews as being like TB and himself as a ‘healer’ who had to stamp it, and consequently them, out.”

But why some Jewish authors try to redirect the causes of Holocaust to Adolf Hitler personal causes and neglecting the real causes of the Holocaust?  While the causes stamp the Jews that they destroyed Europe economy and have specially work out on reasons to humiliate Jews through the holocaust to initiate new reasons to the world (especially the U. S.) to sympathize with the Jews. Furthermore, some Jewish authorities contributed in the hatered scheme to send Jews to Palestine, because Jews were reluctant to immigrate.  

No doubt,  a Holocaust is a very horrific time for the Jewish people of Europe and the world. Adolf Hitler, the German leader at the time of the Holocaust and World War II, started the Holocaust . Adolf Hitler was anti-semitic, alright, but Hitler alone could have caused the Holocaust. The causes of the Holocaust were numerous that they can not be explained in depth in a limited time and space, though the surface can be scratched.

1. The rise of the Nazi is the main cause, The Versailes Treaty also forced Germanyto pay huge amounts of money to the Allies. Germany was also forced to take loans from the United States in order to pay this money. During the Depression started in the U.S., banks (owned by Jews) demanded quick repay of loans, causing German economy to suffer more. While the Nazis promised to make Germany a great country, they took over the government to fulfill these promises by rebuilding the nation.

 2. The public support: The Holocaust obviously could not be carried out without at least some public support, so propaganda became an important part of Nazi politics. Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda, became a well known figure  in Germany. Goebbels in fact worked hard to convince the German public of the superiority of the Aryan race. He told people that the Jews were the reason the economy was in shambles. Which was true through the banks in the United States. He scapegoated everybody who was not of the Aryan race, especially the other races, Arabs and Jews. Goebbels and Hitler thought that it was very important that the public hear the propaganda because, according to them, lies heard repeatedly gradually gain acceptance. To make their claim right, Hitler and Gobbles sold radios extremely cheaply and controlled all of the radio stations and forbade any treason against the government in the media.
As a result,  anti-Semitism became common. Hitler believed in racial anti-Semitism rather than religious anti-Semitism. Religious anti-Semitism was the hatred of Jews who would not convert to Christianity. Racial anti-Semitism was the hatred of anybody who could be traced back to a Jewish grandparent, even if he practiced Christianity. Therefore,  Hitler created Jewish ghettos, destroyed  Jewish businesses, and also distributed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, This book claims that Jews were attempting to take over the world. Hitler’s belief in anti-Semitism was one of his most powerful motivations.

3. Another problem that led to the execution of so many Jews in the Holocaust was that the other powerful countries of the world were not trying to stop what was happening. They simply stood by and watched. At the Evian Conference, which took place before the war, many of the countries of the world, including the United States and Great Britain, met to discuss what was happening in Germany. Germany at that time was still allowing Jews to leave the country if they wanted to. The countries discussed raising the quota of Jews who would be admitted into their countries. At the end of the Evian Conference, only the tiny Dominican Republic opened up its doors for more Jews. Perhaps, if some of the other countries had decided to allow more Jews to come in, Hitler would not have been able to kill a great number of Jews who died in the Holocaust. But the other countries share Germany in its hatered to Jews, therefore, they did not  accept more Jews in their quota of immigrants.

In conclusion, obviously, there are quite a few other causes of the Holocaust. Some of them were outside of the control of many people, while some of them could have been stopped. Jews, these days are afraid  if these causes could be repeated. Their argument stands on ” Anything that could happen fifty years ago could happen again now, today.” Because there are direction of what they call  anti-Semitism is on the rise once again, especially in Europe. In their opinion, propaganda could easily turn into brainwashing at any time, a political party could take over and set up a dictatorship where  good chance that something resembling the Holocaust will occur once again. In other words, for Jews as well as Hitler in his propaganda, they should know that you may fool the world one time, but you can’t fool the world all times. Wars are horrible and horrific events in history, and Israel still insist to ignore its existence on other people lands, and neglect their rights who are the Palestinians. No matter how much they pay for presidents to change the facts as they did with Truman,  Israel can’t fool the world all times. Another Holocaust have to take place, many observers say, if the reasons of the first one were not studied very well and taken into consideration for not only Israel’s survival, but the Jews as a whole.Many Americans began to think that U.S.A should be careful in its blind support to Israel while Israel  has poisoned the political and intellectual life of the USA, it’s only unlikely patron.” (1277 words)

Hasan A. Yahya is an American writer, scholar, and professor of philosophy. Has a 2 Ph.d degrees from MSU. He published 34 books (24 Arabic and 10 English), and 200 plus articles on sociology, religion, psychology, politics, poetry, and short stories. Philosophically, his writings concern logic, justice and human rights worldwide. Dr. Yahya is the author of Crescentologism: The Moon Theory,  and Islam Finds its Way, . 2010, on Amazon. He’s an expert on Arab and Islamic cultures, and was invited to several TV shows and international conferences on religion and future strategic planning.

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must see world war origins of the holocaust part 1 – footage

real world war II footage taken by nazi germany cameramen and allies
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real world war II footage taken by nazi germany cameramen and allies
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