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WW II : RARE COLOR FILM : TARAWA : 76 HOURS OF HELL 730821JM.LON Lectures Prabhupada : …when we forget this philosophy, that Krsna is the supreme father, Krsna is the supreme proprietor, Krsna is the supreme enjoyer and Krsna is the supreme friend of everyone. When you forget this, then we come into this material world and struggle for existence, fight with one another. This is material life. So you cannot get… The politicians, diplomats, philosophers, they have tried so much, but actually nothing has become fruitful. Just like the United Nations. It was organized after the second great war, and they wanted that peacefully we shall settle everything. But there is no such thing. The fighting is going on between Pakistan and India, between Vietnam and America, and this and that. It is not the process. The process is Krsna consciousness. Everyone has to understand this fact, that we are not proprietor. Proprietor is Krsna. That’s a fact. Just like America. Say two hundred years ago the Americans, the European migrators, they were not proprietor–somebody was proprietor. Before them, somebody was proprietor or it was vacant land. The actual proprietor is Krsna. But artificially you are claiming that “It is my property.” Janasya moho ‘yam aham mameti. This is called maya. So Krsna advents for give us lesson. Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata. Krsna says, “My dear Arjuna, I come when there is discrepancies in the process of religious life.” Dharmasya glanir bhavati

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