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World War 2 the Complete History :The stumble to War 1/6

This is a preview for a series on WWII, and that deserves more credit than that pitiful air time it had on PBS 10 years ago. Unlike other series on WWII such as the famous World at War series, it offers no interview, no war stories. It look at the big picture of the war from the view of macro history, and its impacts on us. I’ll upload the first episode on the interwar years, and the final episode on consequences of the war to get you started. The war itself however, you’ll have to discover yourself. This series is hard to find now, but is its still possible. If you own the copyright to this content, just PM me and I’ll take it down. Just please make it more available.

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Thursday, November 11th, 2010 World War 2 History 16 Comments

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