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(2/5)TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters Sturmgeschütz

–SUBSCRIBE TO EXCELLENT World War II VIDEOS—- –UPLOADED Weekly— Video Running Time 00:54:00 in 6 Parts This episode of examines German assault guns and tank hunters. German tanks fell short of dominating the battlefield after Stalingrad. To fill the huge gap of German armor vs. the huge numerical superiority of the Allies, Germany turned to a new revolutionary solution. The assault gun. A turretless armored vehicle with a high caliber gun with a low silhouette. Assault guns were cheap to produce and posed a difficult target to hit. The German Army became so desperately short of tanks that assault guns were used as tanks. The Hetzer, Jagdpanzer and Jagdpanther were very successful tank hunters. All were very popular with their crews. All 3 had high velocity guns, with low silhouettes and slopped armor. The Jagdpanther was one of the most successful weapon designs of World War II. The Jagdpanther possessed the excellent L-71 anti-tank 88mm gun. The L-71 was the higher velocity L-56 88mm gun the Panzer VI Tiger used. The low silhouette and heavy slopped armour made the Jagdpanther the greatest of all the tank hunters. The JagdTiger was the most powerful armored vehicle of World War II. However, it was underpowered and used 8 gallons of fuel per mile. Its 128mm gun could destroy any Allied tank at any range. The JagdTiger was nothing more than a moving fortress. Enjoy this excellent episode of TANKS! Assault Guns and Tank Hunters.
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