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World War 2 Footage – D-Day, Bombers, Tanks, Beach Landing – Video

This is some WWII footage, together with some of my favorite Classical Music Pieces, The Ride of the Valkyries – By Richard Wagner and Time has come today – by The Chamber Brothers, In this video is D-Day footage, From the History Channel. Also there is Some Flame Thrower Tank Action, from the Romano Archives. There is Some tank Conflict of a Sherman Vs Panzer, supplied by the History Channel and lastly there is a small clipping of Germans Dive bombing, very small but a good Start to the video. Please visit :

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ww2 history of tanks pt1 ww2 history of tanks
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My Weekend was spent watching some great docos on History. Here they are neatly packaged in a video with annotation links. For it is important to know history and how it is still applied today. World War II: The Lost Color Archives World War II has been seen as a black and white war… until now! The scenes are authentic. The color is real. Hitler in Colour This is a series of home movies and other color film showing the period of 1933 to the end of the war in color. The narration is mostly made up of quotes from diaries and speeches from the time. The Last Secrets of the Axis Fascinating documentary about who was really pulling the strings for the Nazis and the Japanese in the second World War. The secret societies, the black dragons and spies in Pearl harbour WORLD WAR 2 IN COLOUR This miniseries makes a point of presenting WWII in period color only, as opposed to the wealth of b&w material we have seen The World At War The most compelling documentary series ever made concerning war. It’s tone offers a stark contrast to the often gung-ho attitude towards World War 2 that the media exhibits. Rather than opting for screaming about the horror of war, it allows Sir Laurence Olivier’s quiet voice to take a back seat to the true images of war Dealers in Death 1934 Dealers in Death was a mid-1930s documentary designed to forewarn the public that a second World War would mean the end of civilization
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