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New Films of US Victory in the Marshall Islands – 1944 – Video

Transcript (PDF): CREATED BY Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch. New York Office. News and Features Bureau. (12/17/1942 – 09/15/1945) SUMMARY Kwajalein is bombarded from the air, from naval guns off shore, and from artillery batteries on a nearby atoll. US troops land and advance inland under a constant artillery barrage. Flamethrowers and pack charges are used against pillboxes. Japanese prisoners are deloused and given medical treatment. Adm. Nimitz witnesses the raising of the American flag. SUBJECT o Artillery o Flame throwers o Japanese prisoners of war o World War, 1939-1945 o Nimitz, Chester W. (Chester William), 1885-1966 * Contributors to Authorship and/or Production of the Archival Materials: o United News Company., Producer For more information:
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Panzer tank in action. World War II footage from
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Rare WWII Footage in Color – Video

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RAF Scampton Aviation Museum in Lincolnshire

RAF Scampton Living History

RAF Scampton is an operational base close to Lincoln that houses active military, elite flying teams and an aviation museum.   The base provides guided tours around the grounds and through the museum.  Since this is an active base an advance reservation must be made with the Curator but requests are graciously accommodated in person at the main guard house or by phoning the base.  Admission is free and the tours are small.  Museum Curator, Roger Crisp leads several group and individual tours a week and provides visitors with a wealth of knowledge about the base and area history as well as his own personal accounts.

The Dam Busters

The first impressions walking on the base are made by the pre-war buildings. The surrounding seem eerily familiar, unchanged  from news reel films and world war II photos. The base and these historic buildings were all used in the 1955 film The Dam Busters.  The well-documented missions of the famed 617 Squadron from RAF Scampton come to life by just seeing the surroundings and buildings where the actual airmen were based and where the film cemented the images.  The preservation of these original structures makes RAF Scampton a great stop for both aviation and movie buffs.

The Red Arrows

RAF Scampton houses Britain’s most prestigious flying group, The Red Arrows the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.   A thrill for all aviation fans is the opportunity to see the planes and pilots of this elite corps.  A tour to RAF Scampton takes Visitors inside The Red Arrows hanger  and provides a close up look at the famed red jets.  If you are lucky, you may meet one of the pilots or have the opportunity to see the team arrive or depart from this home base.

The Museum

Historic sites dot the Scampton base, original buildings, tributes to fallen airmen and the elaborate grave of Dam Busters Wing Commander Guy Gibson’s black lab.  The on-site museum houses a history of equipment and aircraft used through the years as well as  World War I era photographs and artifacts.  Models and mementos line the museum cases. There is also a small Chapel inside for those who wish to take a reflective moment.

Visiting RAF Scampton

Prior arrangements must be made to visit the base and museum.  Call in advance and bring your Identification with you for entry onto the base.

RAF Scampton

The base also hosts an annual open house that brings hundreds of visitors to see the artifacts, airplanes and buildings. Check with the base schedule to take part in these festive occasions.

Kelly Sallaway is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based writer currently on assignment in the United Kingdom.

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Dare & Live, An Untold World War Ii Story Of Guerrilla Resistance Against The Japanese Army In Negros Islands, Philippines

M/Sgt Jorge G. Herrera, Jr. discovered just what kind of a soldier he was when the Imperial Japanese Forces invaded Negros Islands in the Philippines during World War II. His heroic tale can now be told in the exciting new book, “Dare & Live.”

The superior Imperial Japanese Forces overrun the spirited defenses that the combined United States and Philippine Commonwealth Government Armies put up in the battles for Bataan and the Island fortress of Corrigedor. The US-Philippines defenses crumbled against the onslaught of superiority of numbers of the Japanese soldiers, the naval and aerial bombardments. The valiant defenders had only one option: surrender. The Japanese Forces went on mopping operations on the more than 1,700 islands and islets of the Philippine Archiepelago. The Island defenders under orders of the Military High Command in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, gave up resistance.

In Negros Islands of central Philippines, M/Sgt Jorge G. Herrera vowed he would never surrender to the Japanese Army; so he gathered 3 Filipinos and they started the recruiment and training of other Guerrilla Soldiers. The Japanese Army cordoned Bacolod City, the capital of Negros islands where the US and Filipino surrenderees were imprisoned. The Japanese soldiers guarded every entrances and exits of the City, still M/Sgt Herrera escaped from the heavily-guarded City under the very noses of the Japanese Army sentinels.

It is worth reading the whole story of Dare & Live and obtain the backgrounds that equipped M/Sgt Herrera in his decision of fighting the whole Japanese Army that occupied Negros Islands for three long years of World War II.

It is a wonder how M/Sgt Herrera secured arms and ammunitions when the Japanese Army divested all US and Filipino Soldiers upon their surrender, suspected as non-surrenderees and killed anyone caught in possession of weapons. Herrera went on to recruit and train over a hundred soldiers and armed most of them. He established a Bivouac at the mountain sides of Negros Islands and equipped his hideout with telephone communication for fast intelligence. He staged many ambushes against the Japanese soldiers and was an only Filipino Guerrilla Leader who captured, alive, 21 Japanese soldiers in one ambush encounter. To try to capture him, the Japanese army even hired a Filipina Spy and sent her on a secret mission to entrap M/Sgt Herrera. Read how Herrera discovered the plot of the Japanese Army against him, before it could unfold.

How the Filipino Guerrilla Fighters fought the Japanese soldiers in Negros Islands during the three long years of World War II, was akin to how the Terrorist mounted resistance against the United States Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is of immense importance that a Superior Military Power should take cognizance of what the enemies on the opposite side of the war zone could utilize to mount stiff opposition and inflict maximum destruction.

Dare & Live is a profile in courage, ingenuity, and innovation worthy of study and emulation times of personal crisis.

The lessons of World War II was true 50 years ago; they still ring true today!


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Born in Negros Islands, Philippines, now Resident of New Jersey, USA, he is the Author of Dare & Live,the tale of an incredible World War II Survivor who created a Guerrilla Army to battle the Japnese in Negros Islands, Philippines, after the battles for Bataan and Corrigedor were lost.

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2010 Planes of Fame Airshow Chino Airport, CA Part 2

Part 2 of our video series for the 2010 Planes of Fame Airshow that was held May 15-16 at the Chino Airport in Chino, CA. This video shows the salute to the Army Air Corps featuring aircraft that served the Corps in WWII. Enjoy! PlaneVideoArt Productions
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World War II Video – Video

This Video is a Compilation of Pictures from the 1939-1945 era i claim nothing as far as copyright on this video and is strictly for educational purposes
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Adolf Hitler Is Innocent?

Read- i will add the whole video in parts when i have time. Prominent white and colored People Praise Hitler Friedrich Meinecke, the German historian quotes of Hitler, “It is one of the great examples of the singular and incalculable power of personality in historical life”. Bal Thackeray, leader of the right-wing Hindu Shiv Sena party in the Indian state of the Maharashtra, declared in 1995 that he was an admirer of Hitler. However some people have referred to Hitler’s legacy in neutral or favourable terms. Former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat spoke of his ‘admiration’ of Hitler in 1953, when he was a young man, though it is possible he was speaking in the context of a rebellion against the British Empire. Louis Farrakhan(is the Supreme Minister of the Nation of Islam) has referred to him as a “very great man”.In response to Farrakhan’s speech, Nathan Pearlmutter, then Chair of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) referred to Minister Farrakhan as the new “Black Hitler” and prominent Jewish journalist Nat Hentoff, while a guest on a New York radio talk-show, also characterized the Muslim leader as a “Black Hitler.” In response to the charges of being a “Black Hitler”, Farrakhan responded during a March 11, 1984 speech broadcast on a Chicago radio station. So I said to the members of the press, ‘Why won’t you go and look into what we are saying about the threats on Reverend Jackson’s life?’ Here the Jews don’t like Farrakhan and so they call me ‘Hitler’. Well

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WW2 Warbirds P40, P51, and F4U Corsair

A display and mock ground attack by four WW2 fighter planes.

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german army ww2 – footage

slideshow music:nazi national anthem leave comment if you want
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